Anonymous asked: I was debating on classic ombré or like a nice bright colour. I have dark brown hair and tanned skin . I don't know what colour to dye it . I was thinking purple or blue. Any suggestions?

I think you should just do whatever you want! it’ll be fine either way (:

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awk im such a bitch but like solve your own hair problem

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Anonymous asked: I'm thinking of dying my hair like classic ombre just brown to blonde. But I can't decide if I want to dye my roots darker first and then do the ombre or if I want to just go from my natural light-ish brown hair... I'm also pale so I dont want to look washed out. anything you can think of that would help me?

Hey! I would just do the ends because you don’t want to damage your hair more. Also if you dyed the roots you would have to keep re dying it once your light brown hair grows out. You won’t look washed out! Good luck :)

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Anonymous asked: What color (Crazy color, blues, purples ect.) look best with pale white skin, dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes? C:

any color would be great! just keep in mind that colors can fade into something quite different ( for example, purple can fade into hot pink, blue into green) so take that into consideration when you dye it. 

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